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[12 Jul 2017|06:26am]
A is a young college-aged boy who answered an ad for free room and board near campus if said participant helped around the houae, kept their grades up, kept themselves out of criminal trouble, and a few more details to be discussed in person. Desperate, A submits his application and B brings him in for an interview in his large mansion on his compound. A finds out that B will give him room and board, his own car, and a $1,000 monthly "play money" stipend. It sounds too good to be true. What's the catch?

Well, it turns out B wants A to walk around in the nude when they are both in for the night. He wants to watch A shower, and any time he lets B watch him play with himself to orgasm, he gets an extra $100. Straight, A is hesitant to give in, but B offers him a three-month contract to start. Hesitantly, he agrees and signs.

It all goes well after the intial awkwardness wears off. He even gets a little turned on while B talks to him as he strokes himself. Slowly, things change almost imperceptibly. He is encouraged to come home earlier, to sleep in the same bed, to shower together. Before he knows it, he's calling B "Daddy," stroking his cock and letting the man finger him while A strokes himself.

Slowly, but surely, their romance blossoms. B is a good partner and an even better lover and the more their relationship develops, the better the perks become - a nicer car, expensive clothes, trips away with Daddy, even a tutor to help him with school (one B insists A suck under the table at the end of each session). Soon, a Daddy/little relationship is their everyday norm and A begins to like it.

That's when B shows A the sex wing - rooms of spanking benches and sex swings, paddles and canes and whips and floggers, fucking machines and points of suspension, lots of assless underwear and a wall of dildos. It's a new world and it scares A, but he trusts his daddy, so he tries it out.

I play: A (Tom Holland, Ansel Elgort, etc)
You play: B (Tom Hiddleston, Jamie Dornan, Chris Evans, etc.)
- Very kink filled, I have few limits.
- Long term greatly preferred, but will try short term, too.
- Want to develop plot and write smut.
- Will bounce around in timeline to write different points!
- Would also love customs, gif sharing, playlists, etc.

***Leave a comment if interested and PM if you pm me!***
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